Dear Mr. & Mrs. Fuchs .We can’t thank you enough for helping us out in our time of need, by getting our kallah ready for her chasuna and setting up her home, hashem should give you strength to continue always helping others, may you only have much brucha parnusa hatzlucha and Naches always from your children.

With much thanks
Nachman & malka

I am always astounded by the kallahs who come into my store with the gift certificate from chuppa, and the dignified way that the organization provides for them, the girls buy everything they need, without any embarrssment, without even realizing that they’re getting tzadakah,

Mr. Shia Spitzer
Family Hose Center

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Fuchs We want to thank you very much with helping us with our daughter’s wedding through your organization chuppa, the way in which you and all of your volunteers give, in such a friendly manner preserves the dignity of the recipient this really doubles and triples the greatness of your organization, may you be zocha to continue doing chesed for others and may h send you bruches ad bli dy.

In appreciation

Dear Mrs. Fuchs I’d like to express my sincere appreciation for your help in my simcha, your generosity really helped to make my simcha complete, in addition I was so touched by how you gave so much of your time in energy in such a remarkable way, may hashem grant you the resources and kochas to continue the wonderful work you do, may you always see nachas and simcha from your own family.


As a father and grandfather many times over b”h. I can fully relate to the tremendous expense of marrying off a child, I’m therefor proud and privileged to partner with CHUPPA to providing beautiful linen sets for the kallahs,Mr. Ben Barber
Elegant linen
The kallahs of CHUPPA are treated to an elegant trousseau that makes them feel truly beautiful. I’m so glad to help provide for this special moment in their lives.,,Mrs. N.
Lingerie shop

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