Chuppa Badeken

As they cover their eyes and light their shabbos candles, thousands of mothers will ignite the dark for needy kallahs as they head to their badeken.

It’s Friday night.
Peace reigns as a serene aura fills the room. Mother strikes the match and carefully lights a candle. Then another one. And another one. She gently sways back and forth as her hands cover her eyes. She whispers feverishly. And as the newly-lit candle slowly drips wax, a lone tear cascades down her face.
No one sees.
But Hashem does. He sees. He hears. And he takes those tears and ollects them. He gathers them in a cup and in return, blesses the mother with good children. Around her, innocent eyes watch her.
No, they can’t see her face since they’re gently covered by her hands. But what they can see, are the glistening tears escaping through her fingers. And their mother’s heart. They know she’s davening for them. They can feel it in their hearts and in their bones. The purity and holesomeness of the scene penetrate their little hearts.
Ah. A Badeken full of heart, hopes, wishes, and gratitude.

It’s Monday night.
The hall bedecked in beauty.
The children twirl around in their puffy dresses. The father stands in his shtreimel. The mother whispers a prayer.
And the Kallah? She’s so pained. So sad.
Music fills the room. The kallah holds her bouquet of flowers. People are slowly starting to arrive.
She’s about to experience the biggest night of her life. A lone tear cascades down her face. Then another one. And another one. Around her, the crowd watches.
A heavy heart so happy, yet full of anguish and stress and guilt.
How are they paying for the wedding?! How will they ever cover the expenses?!
She knows that soon, the music will stop, the people will go home, the lights in the hall will go dim, and she will head to her new apartment. One that stands so empty and missing the basic necessities.
How will she face her chassan? How will she explain to him why everything looks so poor?!
No one really understands her. All one could do, is cry with her.
A badeken full of hopes, prayer, yearning, and a new bout of tears.

As mothers of Klal Yisroel tzind licht, they have an astounding and tremendous power. The act of giving Tzedaka before licht bentchen is so so extraordinary. It’s unfathomable.
And as they cover their face and daven with their full hearts like only a mother can, and with streams of tears flowing freely, they have the koach to help a kallah. With just a dollar or two.
That’s all it takes to help.
Chuppa helps you help them! They offer a system that ensures tzedaka every week- guaranteed.
Chuppa helps you take that earth-shatteringly holy opportunity and turn it into a moment of everlasting chesed.
Chuppa discreetly does everything possible to turn a Kallah’s special day into a dream come true. They take care of all necessary details that marrying off entails.

There are kallahs who get married and worry “Who will pay all this off? How is it fair for me to be happy when we’re in so much debt?!” But Chuppa steps right in and answers their call.
Founded by the renowned R’ Shaya Fuchs, Chuppa is an organization that alleviates some of the unbelievably painful anguish of these kallahs.
Established with the endorsement of leading Rabbanim and under the guidance of the Eisenstater Rav, Chuppa provides hundreds of kallahs each year with clothing, housewares, hardware, and linen, done delicately and discreetly, so that the kallahs should not feel like the recipients of charity. Enough is provided to last beyond the first year of marriage, so that the newlywed couple can focus on establishing a bais neeman by israel. What Chessed! What a Zechus!

A magnificent fully stocked showroom in Brooklyn displays a huge array of quality home goods, cookware, hardware, pots, dishes, cutlery, and a bunch of other necessities. The kallahs come to get their shopping done and select the styles and products they like, in a beautiful and elevating experience designed to make the kallah feel no different than her peers. A stunning selection of high-end linen, quilts, and pillows are available as well to complete the package. Additionally, the kallah is presented with gift certificates to fine clothing stores for a wardrobe that she can wear with pride.
Chuppa helps over 300 kallahs yearly with merchandise valued at thousands of dollars. This all adds up to a budget of over a million dollars a year. Now, we are turning to you for help to enable us to continue our work and transform those tears under the Chuppa from tears of sorrow to tears of sheer joy.
With your benevolent support, we can keep bringing joy and dignity to every kallah as she walks down the aisle to her Chuppa!

Badeken- Klal Yisroel’s new mission!
From now on, when a mother heads to cover her face and light candles, she will first make sure that she helps those kallahs as they head to their own badeken.
No, it does not need to be a hassle, as this is something she does in advance- a credit card on file and an amount which she donates every week. The amount can be any amount she’s comfortable with, be it $3 a week, $5, or $18.
And as she sheds tears over her licht, they will join with the tears of the kallah. And together they will have the power to reach the highest heights, and they will speak for themselves. “Hashem! I have done everything in my power to help these kallahs. In return, shower us with all the brachos that we deserve.”
Dearest mothers, you are also a part of the undertaking together with Klal Yisroel! The time that you light those candles, is known to be the biggest eis ratzon.
Make sure that the tzedakah you give, is guaranteed, never forgotten, and always remembered!
In the zechus that you help those kallahs in need, you should be blessed with seeing your own children at their badeken, with happiness and full hearts.

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